Vashti Bunyan - Salford 12.10.14

very quiet recording with a few issues!


Slow Club - Leicester 26.08.14

first 2 tracks missing

from the Admiral's Archive


Kraftwerk - Liverpool 1981

This is from a knackered old cassette - side one only because side two is very distorted.  It  has lots of issues but is a listenable copy


Thomas Truax - Liverpool 29.04.14

lots of audience chatter...otherwise ok


Pete Wylie - Zanzibar, Liverpool 28.03.14

first few minutes missed

recording and cover photo: RG


Lucy Webb, Emma Sweeney, Emily Portman - Liverpool 2.2.14

another recording from Shankly

01. Hatchlings (EP) 02. The shaskeen/ Anthony Frawley's/ The star of Munster (ES) 03. The last pirhouette (LW)  04. Oh to be alone (EP) 05. Reels (ES) 06. The king of Rome (LW) 07. For the dead men (LW)
08. Honey (LW) 09. Barbara Allen (EP) 10. The treasures money can't buy/ The flying statue (ES)
11. Shame (LW) 12. Apple tree wassail (EP) 13. The wheels of the world/ Sullivan's key
14. When you're weary (EP) 15. Country life (All) 16. I will (All)

2 files f1  &  f2

Ruth Notman - Southport 31.01.14

another from Shankly

01. The hedger and ditcher 02. False false 03. Beeswing 04. Holding on 05. The devil and the feathered wife 06. Over the hill 07. Rory McRory 08. Johnny be fair 09. Still I love him
10. Little boxes 11. The singer's request 12. Hold back the tide Johnny 13. Caledonia
14. Farewell farewell 15. What's up