Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here live 11.12.10

E&tB - Heaven Up Here live + encore. 11th December 2010, Liverpool. Crocodiles section unfortunately missed!

heaven up here

Echo and the Bunnymen - Liverpool 11.12.10 by burtonbootlegger

Interpol - Liverpool University 4.12.10

2 files: file1 & file2

setlist from Interpol message board : Success/Obstacle 1/Narc/Hands Away/Barricade/Rest /My Chemistry/Say Hello To The Angels/Heinrich Maneuver/The New/Summer Well/Take You On A Cruise/Lights/Slow Hands/Memory Serves/PDA/Evil/NYC/Not Even Jail

interpol - liverpool uni 4th Dec 2010.. by burtonbootlegger

Mick Beck / Phil Marks - Liverpool, November 2010

Mick Beck (tenor sax, oboe), Phil Marks (percussion)
short but sweet free jazz/ improv show


Michael Burks - Overton-on-Dee , November 2010

Michael Burks band - Overton, November 2010
Long set, 4 files!
f1 f2 f3 f4

Eugene Chadbourne / Roger Turner - Jazz on 3 session - November 2010


seems to be a problem with the first here is the unedited version of track1

Martin Simpson - Liverpool 8th October 2010

quiet recording...needed plenty of boosting...quite hissy/noisy because of that...otherwise good

two files: M & S

17 ms by burtonbootlegger

Eugene Chadbourne - Liverpool 11.09.10

Eugene Chadbourne: Banjo, Guitar. Roger Turner: Drums

set1 & set2

The List Operators for Kids - Edinburgh Festival 27.08.10

Madcap kids theatre show from the 2010 Edinburgh Festival


Colin Steele Sextet - Kind of Blue, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh,02/03/09

Trumpet: Colin Steele,Saxophonists Phil Bancroft (tenor) and Martin Kershaw (alto) Piano: David Milligan, Bass: Kenny Ellis, Drums:Stu Ritchie.
Tribute to Miles Davis & Kind of Blue, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 2nd March 2009.
2 sets, 2 files:


Kristin Hersh - Liverpool, Academy 17th July 2010

1: mississippi kite 2: gazebo tree 3: fish 4: quick 5: hysterical bending 6: crooked 7: snocat 8: krait 9: speed & sleep 10: sunray venus 11: sand 12: your dirty answer 13: teeth 14: flooding 15: deep wilson 16: summer salt 17: snake oil


fORCH - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2009

recorded from Jazz on 3 - Radio 3: Phil Minton - voice,Ute Wassermann - voice,Richard Barrett - electronics,Paul Obermayer - electronics,Anna la Berge - flute/electronics,John Butcher - saxophones,Aleksander Kolkowski - viola/musical saw,Rhodri Davies - harp fORCH combines completely free improvisation with composed frameworks, by Richard Barrett, within which the ensemble is able to improvise freely.


Elvis Costello & the Sugarcanes - Liverpool Philharmonic 28.06.10

01. Mystery Train 02. Blame It On Cain 03. Down Among The Wines And Spirits 04. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 05. Good Year For The Roses 06. Condemned Man 07. Complicated Shadows 08. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes 09. I've Lost You 10. The Delivery Man 11. Jimmie Standing In The Rain 12. A Slow Drag With Josephine 13. Brilliant Mistake 14. Friend Of The Devil 15. Everyday I Write The Book 16. Don't Lie To Me 17. Red Cotton 18. Shipbuilding 19. Sulphur To Sugarcane 20. The Spell That You Cast 21. Alison - including The Wind Cries Mary 22. Happy 23. Mystery Dance 24. That's Not The Part Of Him You're Leaving 25. The Race Is On 26. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?

3 files: peace. love & understanding

Steve Lewis - Liverpool 24.06.10

STEVE LEWIS is an improviser who has dedicated his life, as a musician, therapist and writer, to the existential trinity of uncertainty, imagination and making it up as you go along.

His work with voice, percussion, live sampling, guitar and songwriting, has seen him performing alongside the likes of Ali Farka Toure, Steve Lacy, Bhundhu Boys and Andy Sheppard, as well as unexpected appearance at Live8! He has made work for film, dance and theatre which has been supported by National and Regional Arts Councils and featured on radio and TV.

steve lewis website

myspace page

live in liverpool

Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra -View Two Gallery, Liverpool, 24.06.10

“a Faust-like mixture of ritualised musical theatre and collective improvisation.. a scrapyard gamelan conjuring a post-industrial- even apocalyptic North of England… stumbling rhythms that echo some of the trash-kitsch of Swordfishtrombone-era Tom Waits.”The Wire


LBO-live in liverpool 24.06.10

Inclusion Principle -Liverpool, June 2010

myspace page

Martin Archer, a mainstay of Sheffield's experimental scene,has released electroacoustic improvisations on his own Discus label since the mid 1990s. Here he takes up his violin, processing
the results at source with computer software. Perez sis at a laptop, treating field recordings of natural sounds. "Playing a violin and manipulating a mouse at the same time is an interesting physical process" reads Archer's press release, and though listeners searching for examples of conventional virtuosity will do so in vain, the sense of considered, focused interplay between the participanys is undeniable. An hour or so of abstract noise passes imperceptibly, then, suddenly, everything feels shockingly different - Stuart Lee, Sunday Times


Butcher/Lash/Russell live in Liverpool -June 2010

John Butcher (saxophone), Dominic Lash(bass) and John Russell (guitar)


Sonny Simmons - Liverpool Bluecoat 2010


Zuckanican @ Bluecoat, Liverpool, May 2010

Zukanican were formed in Liverpool in 2003. Their sound has been likened to an unholy hardcore collision between Can, ESG, Cluster, The Soft Machine and Art Ensemble of Chicago, with gigs building to an audience/group symbiotic groove crescendo.

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live in liverpool