Spiers and Boden - Southport 9th May 2013

1st set

Catherine's waltz/ Ironing board hornpipe /John Ward the pirate /Old Lancashire hornpipe/ The 3rd beekeeper/Ranzo away/The Cheshire waltz/The birth of Robin Hood/Rochdale coconut dance/
Tom Padget

2nd set

3 tunes/ Sportsman's hornpipe/Horn Fair/Southport morris tune/Bold Sir Rylas/Prickle eye bush
Sloe gin/Jiggery pokerwork/ Haul away/ Severn stars/New York girls

Recorded by a new, occasional  contributor to this blog, Shankly.

Recording has a problem - loud,bass heavy sections are slightly distorted. Lossless version available on DIME

2 files  f1  &  f2

The Fall - Falmouth Pavillions 24.05.13

victrola time / hotcakes / strychnine / jetplane / chino / sir william wray / ive been duped / hittite man / mr pharmacist / kinder of spine / sparta fc / psychic dancehall / container drivers / reformation


The Fall - Liverpool 10.05.13

setlist: Vitrola,Strychnine,Jet Plane,Chino,SWW,Hittite Man,Bury,Duped,Sparta
Loadstones,Kinder of Spines,Reformation,White Lightning 


Evan Parker / John Russell / John Edwards - Manchester 30.04.13

first zip file had some sort of problem

this is the second attempt....  link