Herman Dune - Birmingham 21.11.11

another recording from Admiral's Archive

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Adam Cohen - Birmingham Glee Club 8.11.11

Excellent recording of superb, intimate gig by Adam Cohen

from Admiral's Archive

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The Necks - Birmingham 24.11.11

Another cracking recording from the Admiral's Archive !


Harold Budd - live in Birmingham 24.11.11

Harold Budd with Werner Dafeldecker, supporting the Necks in Birmingham 24th November 2011

recording by Admiral's Archives


repost:Colin Steele - Kind of Blue, Edinburgh 2.3.09

Trumpet: Colin Steele,Saxophonists Phil Bancroft (tenor) and Martin Kershaw (alto) Piano: David Milligan, Bass: Kenny Ellis, Drums:Stu Ritchie. Tribute to Miles Davis & Kind of Blue, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 2nd March 2009.

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