Stealing Sheep -live in Liverpool 14.12.12

recording marred by  audience determined to bleat louder than the band


Barbaros - Liverpool 14.12.12

experimental, double drum and synth band

cover photo RG


Supersilent - Birmingham 14.11.12

superb gig from the Admiral's Archive

2 files : main & encore

Barbarossa - Bodega Social 12.11.12

a little bass distortion/overload on track 3 otherwise fine

from the Admiral's Archive


King Creosote - Wilmington Arms 19.10.12

another cracking KC gig from the Admiral's Archive


Radiohead - Manchester MEN 6.10.12

some noisy nearby crowd members + sporadic mobile phone interferance but otherwise nice

recording and cover photo RG

3 files :  f1   f2   &   f3

Rhys Chatham - Crimson Grail, Liverpool 14.09.12

100 guitars + 8 basses + some low level seat squeeking...but otherwise superb


Ex Easter Island Head in latest Wire magazine

Not a recording but Merseyside's minimalist guitar drummers Ex Easter Island Head are in the latest issue of the Wire magazine!

Stream their music here then go and buy the records or catch them in Nottingham in September

Recording of their 2010 Liverpool gig is a few posts below or here.  2012 Salford gig supporting James Blackshaw is here. 2011 gig at the Kazimier is here.

Richard Thompson - New Brighton 2012

top recording, 3 files : rt1rt2  rt3

Cold Specks - No Direction Home 2012

cold specks @ no direction home 2012

another from the Admirals Archive


Father John Misty - No Direction Home 2012

short but sweet set... recording from the Admiral's Archive