Show of Hands - New Brighton 7.11.13

recording by Shankly

01. Now she's gone - Steve Knightley/02. Red diesel - Steve Knightley/03. Weathercock - Phil Beer/04. Cocaine blues - Phil Beer/05. The devil's right hand - Phil Beer/06. Sing a full song - Miranda Sykes
07. Window box - Miranda Sykes/08. Me and my sister the moon - Miranda Sykes/09. Company Town
10. The crow on the cradle/11. I promise you/12. Youngstown/13. Country life/14. Leaving in the morning
15. Instrumental/16. The Napoli/17. Katrina/18. Willin'/19. You were mine/20. Gwythian/ The innocents' song/21. Crazy boy/22. Haul away/23. Don't be a stranger

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The Necks - Birmingham 3.11.13

from the Admiral's Archive

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