Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band - Bangor-on-Dee 4.11.11

excellent recording...very last track has some occasional distortion

2 files: rev & breezy

Gwilym Simcock Trio - Liverpool 25.09.11

Gwilym Simcock trio @ Capstone, Liverpool 29.09.11
recording misses first half hour..otherwise fine
2 files : s1 & s2

Bird @ St Brides Liverpool 3.9.11

slight electronic buzz again! -but otherwise fine

website for band BIRD


Sarabeth Tucek - live in Liverpool 3.9.11

marred slightly by low level interference/buzzing...but otherwise fine


Khyam Allami & Andrea Piccioni live in Liverpool 2.7.11

Khyam Allami & Andrea Piccioni
live in Liverpool 2.7.11


Frank Yamma - Liverpool 08.07.11

Frank Yamma - live in Liverpool 2011

2 files yamma & time


The Fall - Liverpool Uni 30.06.11

the Fall - Liverpool, 30.06.11. Cover photo RG


Alisdair Roberts - live in Liverpool 14.05.11

quiet gig..bit hissy on quieter tracks.

2 files: A & R

The Unthanks - Stanley Theatre, Liverpool, April 2011

excellent recording - slightly marred by some evil coughing and very squeeky chairs and floorboards!

2 files: un & thanks

Ensemble 10/10 -live 6th April 2011

Ensemble 10/10 play contemporary American classical music:
Michael Daugherty - Snap; Nico Muhly - By All Means; Mark Simpson - Straw Dogs; Miguel del Aguila - A Conga line in Hell; John Adams - Son of Chamber Symphony


Hannah Peel - Scandinavian Church, Liverpool 18.03.11

Great band, superb venue...only spoilt by audience texting, shuffling, bag rustling, walking in and out and chatting loudly during songs...and a soundman who obviously thought he was doing the sound for the Jesus and Mary Chain


Hannah Peel BBC session on Hiding Behind the Shed and here

Daniel Martin Moore - liverpool 12.03.11

first track spoiled by some microphone rustling..otherwise fine


Iron & Wine - live in Liverpool 12.03.2011

setlist from passing afternoon Rabbit Will Run,God Made The Automobile,Freedom Hangs Like Heaven,Summer In Savannah,Free Until They Cut Me Down,Lion's Mane,In The Reins,Tree By The River,Arms of a Thief,The Devil Never Sleeps,The Sea & The Rhythm,House By The Sea,Big Burned Hand,Fever Dream,The Song of the Shepherd's Dog (Wolves),Walking Far From Home,Boy With A Coin,
Naked as We Came

2 files : innocent & bones

Moishe's Bagel - Crosby Civic Hall - 03.03.11

annoying microphone buzz on first set, rectified on second

2 files: moishe & pit

Ex Easter Island Head - Kazimier, Liverpool 04.03.11

Performance of Mallet Guitars II by the mighty Ex Easter Island Head.

Buy their first record here


Ensemble 10 10 - Liverpool 09.02.11

Larry Goves / Mira Calix new work (world premiere)
Anna Meredith
Matthew Fairclough
new work
Manuella Blackburn
Edgard Varese


Manuella Blackburn by burtonbootlegger