Rhys Chatham - Crimson Grail, Liverpool 14.09.12

100 guitars + 8 basses + some low level seat squeeking...but otherwise superb



hallav said...

Wish I'd been there!

Thanks for this one :)

Stargraves said...

Oh - Fantastic - I was one of the guitarists!

Phil said...

Here's my version. Mic gain was set a bit low so not the best recording, but here it is anyway.

Andy said...

Thanks - I was wondering what this might have sounded like. Fast work!!

Candy said...

Link's been nobbled. Any chance of a reup?

Anonymous said...


Just tried it and it works fine... what do you mean by nobbled?



Candy said...

The link's fine again. Huh.

Got a message saying the file was down because of a violation last time I tried the link. Since, the link's working now I guess you van ignore me.

Thanks for the recording anyway.