The Necks - Liverpool 21.11.11


flac version on dime here


hallav said...

Off to see them at a factory in B'hamtonight! Cheers for this :-)

mike said...

shouldn't probably bitdth, but any chance of a lossless set?

o o
- -

hallav said...

Every chance! Also the Harold Budd set that preceded them if oyu want it. I'm trying to upload to Dime but the frigging protocls are so anal I;ve given up. I'd be happy to send you the lossless sets

Anonymous said...


Likewise, you can have a CDR of the gig if you want, just email you address to

Alternatively, I guess i could put it on DIME.

I've stopped using DIME mainly because it was taking too much of my time...will give it a go with this Necks gig.


the Burton Bootlegger said...

lossless version Now on DIME

mike said...
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mike said...

ta, but I can't dime, due to ISP restrictions (I'm on a Univ server)

anychance for megaupload?

recipro's for sure check my blogs


hallav said...

No problem - will tidy the files and then send you a link :-)

mike said...


Richard B said...

"Also the Harold Budd set that preceded them if oyu want it"
Please, please, please could you post this? And any other Harold Budd recordings you may have...
Many thanks in anticipation,