James Yorkston, Pictish Trail, Seamus Fogerty - Leicester 14.04.13

from the Admiral's Archive

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Anonymous said...


I'm not offering any flights to Jeddah or anything fancy like that, but I thought I'd say thanks for this "Three Amigos" recording, and ask if there were any plans to put up any of King Creosote & Gummi Bako's gigs during their tour? If so, that'd be brilliant! I made it along to the Glasgow gig and loved every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It's a shame you aren't offering flights to Jeddah Dave - that could have been the dealbreaker.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I will get around to deleting the spam... If u can be bothered .. I quite enjoy reading it in a perverse sort of way.
King Creosote ...was going to go to the Liverpool Show then couldn't go at last minute.
The blog contributer from the Midlands has all of Gnomegame which I've yet to process.., so I will be putting some of that up. Plus he has promised me 3 recent King Creosote gigs :) so keep watching!


Anonymous said...

Gnomegame and 3 KC gigs! You're spoiling us. Can't wait to hear them,