Eugene Chadbourne / Roger Turner - Jazz on 3 session - November 2010


seems to be a problem with the first here is the unedited version of track1


Anonymous said...

Desperately trying to get hold of this & really appreciate the upload, but I think the first mp3 in your compressed file is corrupted. It's a weird mash of Track 1 (the lyrical 'Easier Said Than Done' & Track 2 (the stomping 'Old Piano'). You can hardly hear the first song. It wasn't like this on the radio. Any chance at all you can fix and re-post??

Anonymous said...

ive uploaded the unedited version of track1

Anonymous said...

Well now: when are the 'Most Obliging and Fabulous Person In Internetland' awards being held this year? Coz I'd like to attend and roundly applaud you when you win. ;-)

Thanks so much for the track 1 re-post. You are legend!